Black Lives Matter

photo of the black lives matter walk with the protest sign

More than ever Black Lives Matter

We are known for our passion in the Vegan movement and our fight against injustice towards animals.
However, we believe that intersectionality is key to make this world a better place. We can’t advocate for love and compassion without paying attention to what is going on right now !
If humans do not see each other as equal, we cannot expect them to see animals the same way. More than ever, it is time to support the black community and to use our platform to amplify the voices that need to be heard !
This is why, until Friday night June 12th, we decided to give 50% of our profits to VegUP.

What is Veg Up?

VegUP is an initiative created by Maggie Ortlieb (Founder of VegOut Magazine) that seeks to bring together those in the vegan community to take a stand against racism.

It is a collaborative effort between the VegOut team, vegan and vegan-friendly businesses nationwide, UsingMyPrivilege, nonprofit organizations doing impactful work for the Black Lives Matter movement, and their VegOut audience.

How can I help?

• Donate to a non-profit supporting the black community.
• Support ethical Black-owned business by purchasing from them.
• Share, like, follow, comment, leave reviews to show your support and love to black-owned businesses.
• Knowledge is power. It is important to educate ourselves by watching documentaries, reading books, etc. And share this knowledge to dismantle racism.
• Purchase the Arsayo bag you always wanted (we give you 10% off on all the website and FREE shipping automatically). We will give 50% of the profits of your purchase to UsingMyPrivilege and you will get the most ethical and secured backpack!
Do not forget that there is no best way to speak up.

Speaking up is the best way!

Arsayo family