Let's celebrate Love!

photo of lovers sitting on a bench with the arsayo backpack

The month of February has arrived, and with a wave of love will wash over our daily lives. So to face it, Arsayo has decided to write this article on Love. But beware, we're talking about the Universal Love. Because celebrating Valentine's Day isn't just for couples!

February 14th is approaching, and you are single? Or maybe you’re in a relationship, but overflowing with love to share? Arsayo believes in a Valentine's Day where it is allowed to show affection to all living beings: whether they meow, bark, whether they are from your family, whether this love is romantic, purely friendly or even to yourself.

And this year more than ever, we need to receive love - and to give it! So Arsayo has decided to give you some tips for celebrating love.

1. Love in our plate, Bon Appetit!

But wait ... All the restaurants are closed. So in order to celebrate this day in the most beautiful way, and with the most in line with our values, here are some vegan recipe ideas to share with whomever you want.

Tabitha Brown Youtube channel: Click here!

The Live Kindly Youtube channel: Click here!

The BOSH TV: Click here!

The Easy Vegan: Click here!

2. Self-care love

For February 14, take a moment for yourself! A session of meditation, yoga or a good bubble bath? Taking care of yourself and above all giving yourself love is important. And we hope you know it!

Here are some videos that will guide you:

Self-Love : 

Meditation : Click here!

Singer we love : Click here!

3. Ethical gifts

A Fashion world that LOVES humans, the environment and animals is possible!

We created the F.A.K.E. movement (Fashion for Animal Kingdom and Environment) to promote vegan and ethical brands. Find more than a hundred references on Fakemovment.com! (See the article on F.A.K.E.)


Arsayo wishes you a wonderful moment of sharing with those around you.