Arsayo obtains EVE Vegan label

eve vegan label logo

We have just obtained the EVE VEGAN® (registered trademark) label, the control and labeling body dedicated to vegan products and services.

This international certification is a transparency marker that certifies that no animal product has been used in the manufacturing process of our bags.

Since the beginning of Arsayo, we have designed a product without any animal material, which is just as beautiful and comfortable to wear as leather. In 2017 we joined the long list of creators labeled by the international association PETA.

At present, vegan certification is neither mandatory nor regulated by law. However, we believe that it is necessary for you to choose a product that meets your requirements, which this type of label can guarantee.

Today, we are going further in the process and have requested EVE Vegan certification, which was granted to us a few days ago. All stages of manufacture and materials have been studied by this organization to verify that we meet the many criteria. All of these EVE VEGAN compliance criteria are detailed in the Compliance Repository that you can download here.

The certification EVE is independent, we opted for this label for its seriousness, its commitment, its goal of sustainability. Here is what you can read on their website about their approach:

The vegan certification is so far a voluntary initiative. To date, there is no so-called "official" European or international regulation defining vegan quality, as there is no "high authority" for veganism. Labeling of vegan products is a service offered by independent associations mainly based in Europe, the United States, or even in Japan. These organizations, based on their long-standing commitment and public reputation, are the only credible experts in a position to rule on the conformity of vegan products. 

The strength of the label lies in the fact that it certifies all kinds of products, wine, cosmetics, textiles, food or services. This concerns products, but also by-products, packaging, tests, and any other material that could be part of the products. See the list of all products here.

We support the EVE Vegan label initiative, in a world of consumption dominated by animal products in large part, we are a company, but above all, a team of people who are keen to propose an alternative quality to consumer products.

E.V.E is an initiative created by the founders of VEGAN FRANCE INTERPRO, the French association for economic development and promotion of vegan alternatives. Vegan France is a mine of information, discover how easy it is to change the habits for more ethical consumption.