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We tell you in this video the 5 words that describe our brand and our commitment to you.

Our backpack collection is timeless. We wanted to create a practical bag, unique that is unisex and can be worn in any circumstance.


As creators in the bag industry for more than 30 years, it is important for us to invent a bag that is beautiful above all else. The bag is a fashion accessory in its own right, it dresses your outfit, gives you a look. When we choose a bag or a coat, we choose a piece that should match our personality. The color and shape that will be best for us is important . Backpacks are often practical but rarely beautiful, we wear them usually because we need to have free hands and a comfortable back.

We change the game by offering you the Arsayo bag that has all the benefits of the classic backpack, plus the style.


Comfort is undeniably an main element of the backpack. Handbags are often heavy, they balance our backs badly and often contain less volume. Our bag has been specially designed to distribute the weight fairly. Its curved shape makes it possible not to deform the bag and to adjust all the elements inside for more balance. If we offer more sizes it is because the straps are specially cut to fit the shape of your shoulders. The bag falls perfectly on your flanks and gives a feeling of lightness.

No more setup problems, no more neck problems or tired trapezes! This article gives you advice in reflexology.


During our many years of experience, we have been able to talk to many of our clients. Through exchanges with them, we understood that the main brake to purchase a backpack is its lack of security. Indeed, classic backpacks have unlined zippers and outer pockets, making the access extremely easy for thief. As a result of the discussion, the clients told us that they put in their backpacks only worthless objects. Their solution is to have a second wallet or a second bag to hide their most valuable personal belongings (passport, credit card, keys, etc.).

So we invented a secure closure that clings to the back of the bag with two snaps. The whole description of our system to read in this article: our invention is worth gold.


At Arsayo, we are a family, a team who think that the current overconsumption is responsible for many ecological problems. We care about our planet and want to save it. For that, do not wait for the world to change, let us organize for it to change. We must produce and consume in a more responsible way. First of all, it is a matter of manufacturing a product that lasts in time, then, that this product is made with the least polluting materials possible. Our synthetic material is a positive alternative, much less polluting than leather. The resources used by livestock to produce 1 kg of leather can have environmental impacts 20 times higher than those needed to produce 1 kg of synthetic materials.

But we decided to go even further, from the beginning of the year 2019, we change all our production and we will offer you new, more natural materials with less negative ecological impact. We can not wait to introduce you to this new collection! Join our social networks, sign up for our newsletter to be first informed.


Beyond the ecological aspect, we are a vegan brand. We have just received the PETA-approved Vegan logo which gives you the guarantee that we manufacture our products without any animal exploitation. We believe that animals do not have to suffer to satisfy our consumption pattern. At the moment, many designers say they refuse to use fur, leather or wool in their collections. Stella McCartney, Jean-Paul Gaultier, or Versace. More information in our article: vegan approved by PETA.

The movement extends to the cities in which the different Fashion Week are held, London and Los Angeles were the first cities this year to ban the fur from the podiums.

At Arsayo, we are more than a brand, more than a company, we deploy our values ​​so that they reach as many people as possible, as many industries as possible. To this end, we are privileged partners and co-organizers of the very first Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles, which will be held from February 1 to 4, 2019.

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