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The ARSAYO bag is a unisex city backpack that can be used anytime. In 3 different sizes, the ARSAYO bag will fit everybody.


The ARSAYO bag is carried like a vest. Thanks to its large straps and its particular adjusted shape, the weight is perfectly distributed all over the back.


The tongues of the 2 front zippers go behind the back of the ARSAYO bag in order to feel anyone who would try to open it during the carrying. With the invention on the secured closing system, the company won the Ministry of the Interior Medal and the 2016 European « Lépine » competition GOLD Medal.

Our company being concerned about ethics and environmental issues, the ARSAYO bags do not present any animal matter. The vinyl collection is made with a synthetic material that has exactly the same leather appearance.

The advantages of this material:

  • Waterproof
  • Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • No odour
  • No discoloration
  • No maintainance need
  • Can be cleaned easily with a humid cloth

This 2017 collection is made in our ex factory in China.

This year, 100% of the Arsayo bags will be produced in our new factory located in Portugal.

The new synthetic collection will replace the current one by the end of April 2019.

Data sheet
HeightS: 37 cm // M: 40 cm // L: 43 cm
WidthS: 25 cm // M: 27 cm // L: 29 cm
DepthS: 15 cm // M: 18 cm // L: 20 cm
Strap lengthS: 67 cm // M: 73 cm // L: 86 cm
VolumeS: 7L // M: 10L // L: 12L
Weight1.43 lb
Interior liningNylon
Metallic tools (zippers + snaps)YKK
External pockets2
Internal pockets5
Hidden pocket in the right strap1
Capacity for a laptopS: 13" // M: 15" // L: 17"
Sizes + Inside the Arsayo bag


What makes the Arsayo backpack unique is its ergonomics. The straps are adjusted to each morphology. The straps that are adjustable have many disadvantages, they get out of balance and cause an imbalance, and often the bags fall too low which pushes the weight of the bag in the wrong place on the back.

Visit our "design" page for all the details on how we designed the bag ergonomics.

The Arsayo backpack is unisex, so all three sizes fit whether you're a man or a woman. The three sizes Small, Medium and Large are different in terms of the capacity of the bag and in terms of size of the straps. The choice will be based on your height and shoulder width.

Below is our explanatory video that will help you choose the backpack made for you !

Refer to the tables below for more details on your measurements.

Now that you have the size, choose your color! 5 colors are currently available within the cork collection of the Arsayo backpack. Dive into our lookbook to inspire you with outfits that we have carefully chosen for a perfect look.

Inside the Arsayo bag:

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