Once upon a time there was Arsayo, the story of a bag, but above all a family. Our family.

Before the product, there is the project. It is my father’s project, Michel Ohayon who works for more than 30 years in the world of fashion, accessories and bags. For several years an idea trembles in his head: making a practical bag, as beautiful as comfortable.

Several prototypes are then created, tested and improved. The idea was to make a unique bag, which slips on like a jacket. It's done in 2016 with the first model. At various fairs and shows, the success of the bag is growing. That's where we come in, my brother Yoni, my sister Sabine and me.

Michel, our dad decided to name the brand by merging our three names, Ary, Sabine and Yoni

At a family lunch, as is often the case at home, the discussion takes a turn of brainstorming. We start talking about the zipper from the bag: not secure enough to be optimal in transport. It is almost on a corner of tablecloth that the secure closure is drawn.

At this point, we do not realize that we have invented a system that did not exist on the market yet.

Next step, make the bag that integrates the new closure and showcase it to customers to learn from their opinions. And ESPECIALLY deposit this innovative system at the INPI.

At the Paris Fair (Foire de Paris), the bags snap like hotcakes! The organizers notice the invention and propose that the brand participates in the Lépine contest which takes place at the same time. The secure closure system that we invented wins the Gold Medal!

We also win the Medal of the Ministry of the Interior! Well, we only release it for special occasions, because, let's be honest, it would really be a show off to wear it as a brooch on a jacket ... right?

I was returning from Canada, where I lived for two years, at the time of this leap forward. I wanted to be part of the adventure at 100%. After the Paris Fair, I decided to devote all my time to developing the brand, and that's what I do with passion, every day.

Since ideas and projects are overflowing! But our priority for the moment is to continue our ethical and vegan approach, since they are extremely important values for us.

New collections will come out in a few weeks and months, so we can’t wait to show you more. New colors, new materials and manufacturing entirely made in Portugal.

Follow us on social Media, Facebook of course but also Instagram> @arsayo_official to preview all the news that we will make you discover very soon.

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Thanks to everyone who has been following us since the beginning, the Arsayo adventure is just beginning!

Ary, for the Arsayo family

Gold medal Lépine contest

Medal of the Ministry of the Interior

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