How to choose your size?

What makes the Arsayo backpack unique is its ergonomics. The straps are adjusted to each morphology. The straps that are adjustable have many disadvantages, they get out of balance and cause an imbalance, and often the bags fall too low which pushes the weight of the bag in the wrong place on the back.

Visit our "design" page for all the details on how we designed the bag ergonomics.


The Arsayo backpack is unisex, so all three sizes fit whether you're a man or a woman. The three sizes Small, Medium and Large are different in terms of the capacity of the bag and in terms of size of the straps. The choice will be based on your height and shoulder width.

Opposite is our explanatory video that will help you choose the backpack made for you !

Here is all the information about the dimensions and contents of each bag according to its size:


S: 37 cm // M: 40 cm // L: 43 cm


S: 25 cm // M: 27 cm // L: 29 cm


S: 15 cm // M: 18 cm // L: 20 cm

Straps dimensions

S: 67 cm // M: 73 cm // L: 86 cm


S: 7L // M: 10L // L: 12L


0.650 kg



External pockets


Internal pockets


Hidden pocket in the right shoulder strap


Capacity for a laptop

S: 13" // M: 15" // L: 17"

Refer to the tables below for more details on your measurements. 

Now that you have the size, choose your color! 12 colors are currently available in the original collection of the Arsayo backpack. Dive into our lookbook to inspire you with outfits that we have carefully chosen for a perfect look.

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