When we had the idea to make a backpack, we thought of all the possible benefits, ergonomics, safety, colors, materials, but of course, the design.


We find that in general, the aesthetics of the backpacks are not really attractive..

We focused our efforts on the appearance of the bag, to create a bag that we love to wear, which is a real fashion accessory.


The design has evolved over the course of tests and prototypes to combine the qualities of comfort and safety to the shape of the bag. A round shape, no straps, no handles, simple sewing that strengthen the bag were the basis of our thinking. From one thing to another, we drew several models to arrive at the bag you know today.


The search for materials allowed us to find this alternative to leather, PU polyurethane, as resistant as leather and which allows a flexibility and a lightness of the bag. The appearance of this material imitating the leather perfectly has allowed us an infinity of possible colors.


Today we offer 12 different colors (> lien, the hardest part is choosing your color! Visit our page "which color to choose" (> link to internal page) to help you in this difficult choice!


Soon you will discover our new collection 100% cork and cotton, we can not wait to tell you more!


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