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Since 2016, we have evolved the Arsayo backpack. Several months of research and prototypes were needed to find the right concept.

From the beginning, we designed the bag around three essential qualities: designcomfort and security. For the first two, we worked with experts to make the bag, above all, very beautiful and very comfortable.

When it comes to safety, it is with the family, collectively, around a traditional lunch that we have imagined the secure closure that currently exists on all our backpacks. All the explanations on the operation of this unique system to read here

After we patent our secure closing system, we were certain from this moment that we had found the perfect concept.

Then, we were invited to participate in the Lépine Contest in 2016.

And the surprise didn’t take long to arrive, we receive our first gold medal!


A short reminder about the Lépine Contest (http://www.concours-lepine.com/), this is an association created on December 8, 1901 (Law 1901), recognized by public utility, also laureate of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences. This association groups the persons qualified as inventors by the filing of a patent or a title of Industrial and / or Intellectual Property. Its various objectives are: the promotion of the invention, the support and the defense of the rights and interests of the inventors, the help and support to the inventors with the companies and the official organisms, the centralization and diffusion of the inventions, the councils to the inventors upstream and downstream of their inventions.

This contest was a support for our brand from the start, the launch of the bag Arsayo took off from this first medal.


The drawings were filed for our patent for our secure closure double snaps.115th Lépine Competition 2016 Gold Medal Michel and Ary Ohayon

Since then we have won several awards such as the Ministry of the Interior Award and the first prize at the Amazon Challenge.

The Lépine contest exists at the national and European level, for the first time, it is organized in Montpellier in 2018. We won Gold for the second time!

This second distinction confirms that our invention is worth gold! We are delighted that the Lépine Contest gives us a second mark of confidence. And of course, a guarantee for you.

Gold medal Concours Lépine Montpellier 2018


Another distinction we have recently received is the PETA-approved Vegan logo. This logo is a pledge of confidence that we provide you. It guarantees the fact that no animal product is used at any time in the manufacture of the Arsayo bag.

To better understand our approach, all our values and our commitment read here

To learn more about this logo, read our article


Soon other awards, we hope!

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