Have you ever been afraid that someone will open your bag on public transport?

Have you ever placed your most precious objects rolled into a ball at the bottom of your bag in case a pickpocket open it?

Have you ever considered putting anything worthless in your backpack, and the rest in your pockets?

Have you ever checked five times that all your belongings were still in your possession during a subway trip?

So you are like us, like all of us actually.

Because when we hear the beep and this announcement:

"Beware, pickpockets may be present on board, we invite you to pay attention to your personal belongings"

We can not help but make a slight movement of approaching our bag towards us.

And we are right to be cautious.

That's why when we created this bag, we wanted to find a truly ingenious system. A system that allows you to have peace of mind when traveling in the city.


Once the drawings were made, we had prototyping done, to find the perfect model.

We explain to you how this secure closure works :

The two snaps attach to the back of the bag. The back is the side that is against the upper back, once it is on your shoulders.

Thanks to the two buttons, the two sliders are well stowed and the opening is hampered, since your back forms a protection which doesn’t allow to detach the pressures from the outside.

You can hang them parallel or crosswise. It's according to you.

Pretty neat right?

Secure closure...

...with cross or not crossed

Gold medal at the Lépine contest

Thanks to this invention, we won the gold medal twice at the Lépine contest!

All about our rewards 


Our article on this second gold medal here:

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