Back pain affects 9 persons out of 10. There are many different causes, as well as consequences. Many women have back problems related to wearing handbags, which concerns less men. Handbags, worn daily, often on the same side causes in the long run posture problems that has consequences in the longer term.


We all tend to load our bag, the bigger it is, the more we want to put in (we do not know if we will have any use). It's Mary Poppins Syndrome!

C’est le syndrome de Mary Poppins !

Being right-handed or left-handed induces us to always carry loads on the same side, this creates a lot of tension in the neck, shoulders, which can cause headaches, pain in the length of the arm.

So we think that wearing it in the middle of the elbow will certainly be a relief, but on the contrary, it develops muscle pain even more important since the tension is higher at the level of the biceps.

The shoulder bags seems to be a solution. But the problem remains the same, the weight is not distributed, it remains focused on one shoulder.

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Finally, we think to buy a smaller handbag, to fight against our natural tendency to carry too much things with us during our daily trips. But that is lying to ourselves, as the principle of moving forward to show 10 minutes to avoid being late, we end up systematically subtract the 10 minutes. Same system for the handbag too small that we complete with the famous tote bag. At the end of the day, we come home with 3 or even 4 bags on us!


The real solution is the backpack! But not all of them, with their adjustable straps, they are never really adjusted properly to your back, nor your posture.


Our invention is based on observation, and on the study of the different problems that can cause the wearing of an inappropriate bag on your back.

Health professionals (chiropractor, doctors) says that adjustable straps will never be adjusted to the millimeter, so a risk of imbalance remains constant. Most people wear the backpack too low, it should not touch the buttocks, but just sit at the top.


Other problems, poorly fitted bags fall backwards creating a space between your back and the load you are carrying causing discomfort forcing you to bend your back, the bag must stick to your back from top to bottom. The lack of pockets forces to put all the weight in the same place of the bag, which causes tension and therefore pain.


At Arsayo, we decided to take all this information and solve problems one by one.

So we arrived at the bag as it is today, which settles all these problems. The advantages are:


  • Fixed straps
  • 3 adapted sizes
  • Multiple pockets
  • Light empty bag
  • Shape of the bag in drop

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