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Femme Actuelle, a women's magazine, came to meet us and visit our shop at 7, rue des Gravilliers in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

We had the opportunity to present our entire collection. In this video you will discover that Arsayo is a real family business. Subtitles are available in english, click on the icon "text" on right bottom of the video to choose the subtitles.

Tournage Femme Actuelle Arsayo

What Femme Actuelle says about our collection:

The design, recognizable among thousands, makes the success of the brand. Available in three sizes and in 11 colors, the Arsayo bags energize different outfits, business, urban or sportswear. One of the strengths of the brand is this flexibility of the lines. The best seller colors? Bronze and Champagne in the metallic colors, and the colors of the moment: taupe, duck blue or mustard yellow. Classics such as black, blue, gray or red remain consistently in the best sellers. Arsayo brilliantly succeeds in making backpacks, a trendy touch that enhances our style.

We were able to talk about our experience in fashion accessories and our desire to innovate. We wanted to invent a backpack that is a fashion accessory while remaining practical and comfortable. The idea of ​​secure closure came next, which earned us a double gold medal in the Lépine contest, we tell you everything here.

Michel Ohayon présente le sac à dos Arsayo pour Femme Actuelle

It seemed very important for us to speak during this interview about the secure closure of the bag. We believe that this element is the cornerstone of our creation. Most often, the argument that makes us give up the purchase of a backpack is his lack of security. In the article, we explain everything:

But we have not told you everything yet! The great originality of Arsayo is its secure closure system. This closure, discreet and effective, discourages any attempt at theft. Medalist of the Ministry of the Interior in 2016, double medalist in the Lépine contest in 2016 and 2018, it was the springboard for the success of the brand. The idea came from one of Michel Ohayon's sons. He imagined to pull up the zipper tabs and hang them together in the back by pressure. Impossible to open the bag without touching the wearer's back. Ultra ingenious!

Check out the original article on Femme Actuelle's website here.

Ary Ohayon présente la collection Arsayo pour Femme Actuelle

Come and try the bag!

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Source: https://www.partners-femmeactuelle.fr/conseils-mode/92/arsayo-design-confort-securite

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