Be unique, be a unicorn

Be unique, be a unicorn

Limited Edition Unicorn

Available since December 1st, we present you the limited edition "Unicorn".

This new backpack combines all the qualities of the original Arsayo bag into a bolder design with current trends.

unicorn holographic backpack

A bright and trendy style

This material, widely present on the red carpet of the last fashion week, illuminates all your outfit.

Last October, we saw Cate Blanchett wearing a beautiful holographic dress at the Rome Film Festival.

Vogue insists on this outfit in an article: how to adopt the holographic trend.

This material brings us directly into the 90's, this is the current trend! For a futuristic or retro look, the holographic goes with all colors.

Holographic backpack

Holographic material, a cure for boredom

Tired of winter and its darkness? The advantage of the holographic material is in its reflection of the lights, the color of the bag moves constantly according to the rays which surround you. No matter what garment you wear, it will give character and originality to your entire style. The accessory is ideal for daring this material, the total look is a bold decision that is often found only on the catwalks. This backpack completes your outfit without shading it, and you can pair it with anything!

Holographic secure backpack

Be unique, be a unicorn

The clothes and accessories we wear are not trivial. We choose shapes, colors and materials based on what we like, but mostly who we are. Today, the ready-to-wear industry is mass-selling identical clothes in every city, in every country in the world. The fashion giants do not care about the individual but the mass. A fast fashion, simple, without originality that no longer allows us to express ourselves through what we wear.

We find the remedy, offering you this Unicorn bag that sets you apart, which shines light on you. As this is a limited edition, be sure not to cross dozens of people who will wear the same as you.

Holographic backpack

Unicorns are rare and beautiful like you, so we invented this unique backpack.

Get ready to receive tons of compliments around you when you wear it! And if this is not the case, contact us, we have it in stock :-)

In the meantime, go to see HERE the bag in all its glory.

Holographic backpack

A huge thanks to Cédric Odet for the pictures and for his good mood (and his assistant without whom nothing would have been possible).

We also thanks Lou Rose who is simply beautiful and who carries the bag gorgeously.

Posted on 2018-12-05 The brand

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