Our values

What motivates us every single day is our values.

We believe that as designers we have a responsibility of rethinking our whay of consumption and production.
At Arsayo, we are very commited to the animal rights activism. We believe in living together in harmony with love and compassion.

Our creations will always present animal free materials.Supported by numerous organizations protecting the animal rights (including PETA) we continue to share these positive values every day.

Our Suber collections are entirely made of cork.

Cork is natural, soft, light, washable, tear-proof, waterproof and resistant. Moreover it is a real eco friendly material for the ecosystem.A Portuguese proverb said "who thinks about his grandchildren, plants a cork oak tree."The cork oak tree plantations preserve between 130 and 150 different vegatations, 24 species of reptiles and amphibians, 37 species of birds and mammals. Planting and maintaining a cork oak tree is a barrier to desertification as it helps to maintain the natural cycle of water and carbon. In fact, cork oak trees absorb more CO2, 2 to 3 times more than other trees. And finally, the cork industry allows the creations of employment in the Mediterranean regions.

Let's buy less, but better.

Today activism is not only on the streets, but also in our pockets, "Consuming a product is voting for the type of society where we want to live" said Brigitte Gothière (Co-founder of L214 non profit organization).We have the power of changing the Fashion industry by placing our values in our choices. We are committed to finding the most ethical materials for a beautiful, comfortable, anti-theft, long-lasting Arsayo bag.We are the founders of the F.A.K.E. Movement (Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment. We promote ethical brands (like us) by proposing a platform, Pop-Up events, live shows and conferences... Check out our community and discover a whole world of ethical Fashion!

Transparency in our price

Our price is elaborated to be the most fair for all the production steps. See below all the distributions :
  • 15% raw materials (eco friendly and respectful for the humans and the animals)
  • 25% workshop in Portugal
  • 1% packaging (eco friendly and biodegradable)
  • 5% shipping
  • 34% Arsayo operating costs (patents, customer services, websites, the Paris office + boutique, advertising, salaries, etc...)
  • 20% Taxes