Our factory

Live an immersive experience in our factory!

Step by step, the making of Arsayo backpack 

The factory is located here, in Porto, Portugal.


Our workshop complies with local labor law.

It's a small family business (just like us) that was created a few years ago.

Employees are few and work on several positions:

cutting, sewing, assembly, quality checking etc ...

There are a dozen steps to make an Arsayo backpack.

Our factory

Fun Fact: In our workshop, the floor is made out of cork with two different colors.

This material is also used in construction and furnishing for its many qualities:

solidity, waterproofness, soundproofing.

The new machines are ready for cutting and sewing !

Cutting cork

Cutting is done directly at the workshop using molds specifically designed

for the shape of the Arsayo backpack.

Here is an overview of the shooting and our film director in action !

Sewing the Arsayo bag

The different parts of the bag are glued together by hand.

It is a non-toxic, vegan and water based glue.

Assemblying the Arsayo bags

The glued items are classified by size and color

in order to move to the next step, the assembly.

Arsayo organic cotton

The organic cotton we use for the inner lining of all Arsayo backpacks is woven in Portugal

and sewed in our workshops.

We add nickel-free YKK zippers and interior trim borders

in the same material tan the outside of the bag for a perfect look.

Arsayo zippers

All closures are chosen to well fit with the backpack color.

The snaps are reinforced for better security. The exterior buttons are stamped with A from Arsayo.

This secure closure was rewarded twice at the "Concours Lépine" contest with two gold medals in 2016 and 2018. 

Arsayo workshop

The next step is the assembly of all the interior and exterior elements.

Inner pockets, outer seams, closures, and snaps, all handmade on sewing machines specially calibrated for the manufacture of the Arsayo backpack.

The 4 persons who works in this position have years of experience and make a very complicated assembly since our model is very unique.

making the Arsayo bag

The final assembly is done by colors, all the threads have different shades depending on the color of each collection and models.

Arsayo workshop

Once the Arsayo backpack is made, it goes to quality control.

Everything is verified many times !

We make sure all the Arsayo bags are made with the best quality.