Our philosophy - old


A family brand

« All that matters is love »

Arsayo, is above all a family story.

It is about a father who worked for more than 30 years in fashion, and more specifically in leather goods. He dreamed of inventing the backpack of the future, both practical and comfortable, but also innovative and stylish. With the help of his three children, who followed the project on the condition that it represents the family values, Arsayo was born. A brand that offers a product that respects nature, the environment and the work of men and women. Read more...

And why « Arsayo »? The brand name is an acronym made up of the three children's names: Ary, Sabine et Yoni.

A brand with strong valu



Le respect de la planète
Respect for the planet is essential. This is why Arsayo proposes cork and organic cotton bags made in Portugal. Read more...
La cause animal
The animal rights cause concerns all of us. Our brand is certified Vegan and PETA Approved. Our products are animal free. Read more...
Pour un avenir plus local
The quality of our bags depends on our employees and the workshops. Arsayo is committed to providing the best working conditions for all. Read more...

A Human brand

Arsayo is a brand on a human scale. Here is our team!
Ary et Yoni
Ary & Jonathan, the sons. They take care of production and the communication of Arsayo.
Michel & Florine, the parents and the founders of Arsayo.
Camille, the Arsayo boutique manager and the after sales service representative.
Axelle, during her internship at Arsayo she creates the visuals and the videos.

A committed brand

At Arsayo, we love to support and encourage those who share our values. Discover our commitments!
Jonathan is the founder of the F.A.K.E. movement that promotes respectful Fashion to the humans, the environment and the animals. Read more...
Our Sanctuary.jpg
We have created a sanctuary at home, and welcome rescued victims from the Fashion and meat industries. Read more...
Arsayo & Friends is our plateform that is 100% French and that promotes the ethical brands we love. Read more...
In our Parisian boutique, we are in collaboration with VEGAN FLAG and we sell their goodies. Read more...

A brand from Paris

If you want to meet us, and discover our bags in person, come to the most fashionable district of Paris!
Arsayo boutique - 7 rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris (Read more...)

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