Our story

Discover the whole story in this video. The secure closure invention, the "concours Lépine competition, the evolution to a Portuguese manufacturing... We present everything!

Transparency is one our key values.

Let's travel together from Paris to Los Angeles via Portugal, to know everything about your favorite backpack (no airplane ticket needed ;):

Arsayo is first of all the story of a father who worked in the bag indsutry for more than 30 years.
Arsayo is the story of this father, who dreamed about inventing a backpack, both practical and comfortable, but also innovative and stylish.

Arsayo is the story of 2 brothers and 1 sister, the children, who followed their father's project with one condition : the brand has to represent the famiily values and therefore to be vegan and ethical.

Arsayo is the story of a brand name made out of the three children first names, Ary, Sabine and Yoni.