Adopt, don't shop !

Adoptez, n'achetez pas !

Hooray! Last January, after California and England, France voted to end the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores. A long awaited announcement for the animal rights, to cut short impulse purchases, but also the supply of intensive animal livestock.

In the name of profit, breeding conditions are not always ideal. Bad treatment, inbreeding, botched weaning, theft, trafficking ... Farmed dogs and cats are not always born under the best stars. We can even talk about "factory farms".

On the other hand, the SPCA estimates that 100,000 dogs and cats are abandoned each year in France. So many candidates who expect a warm home and a second chance at happiness.

In the Arsayo team, the cause is close to our hearts, and we have each adopted a little animal person. We deeply believe in this solidarity between species and we are always amazed by the affection they brought to us.

Everywhere, shelters and associations put candidates for adoption in touch.


Adopt don't shop


5 good reasons to adopt:


  • give a loving home to an innocent animal 🙏♥️🌱
  • welcome a vaccinated animal, often adult, with an already well-identified health check
  • say no to the commodification of the animals
  • relieve congestion in shelters and host families, already overwhelmed, and who have to deal with competent volunteers, who will check the seriousness of each application and the conditions of reception of the animals
  • support non-profit organisations that are committed throughout the year for animal welfare


    Sterilization highly recommended


    For their comfort as for ours, it is advisable to have our little comrades sterilized.

    For females, the operation puts an end to heat (for the peace of the whole household), and greatly limits the risk of cancer. For males, aggressiveness and possible runaways are curbed. In short, sterilized animals are more serene and in better health.


    A cat easily giving 4 kittens and more per litter, with a capacity of 2 to 3 litters per year ... It will be difficult to find serious adopters for all these little people, as cute as the kittens are. A female dog will easily give 4 babies per litter every year..

    Controlling births also means limiting canine and feline overpopulation, and stopping the circle of abandonment. The associations also ensure that free cats are sterilized.


    Voici Oliver, Piou-Piou, Roxy et Chiquita !

    Adopt don't shop - Arsayo

    Adopt don't shop - Arsayo

    Adopt don't shop - Arsayo

    Adopt don't shop - Arsayo



    Since it's not just about dogs and cats:


    • l'association White Rabbit proposes to adopt rabbits and rats out of laboratories

    • La Pondation de Félicie rescues laying hens destined for the slaughterhouse at the end of their “career”, these hens still have good years and good eggs in front of them, and can be adopted.

    • Le refuge Groin-groin allows remote sponsorship of a pig, or other so-called "farm" animals

    • Prête-moi ton chat, you love felines but are not sure whether you can adopt them in the long term, this network allows you to temporarily cat-sitter that of your neighbor, and vice versa if you have no one to entrust your precious to during the vacation

    Also rediscover the article on our sanctuary, housing chickens, cats and sheep.

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