AppleSkin™, the innovative material

AppleSkin™, une matière alternative au cuir innovante
As you know, at Arsayo, we are passionate about initiations that respect the environment and the animals. Let us introduce you to AppleSkin™, our latest favorite and innovative neo-leather that is still made in Europe. We have launched our brand new collection made out of this prodigious material.
As you might guess, this new material does come from apples!

5 good reasons to fall for apple leather:

Apple skin Arsayo backpack

1. It is ecological

The AppleSkin's amazing feat is to transform the apple into leather. And not just any part of the apple: its residues (peels, hearts, dehydrated pulp ...), resulting from the production of juice and jams. Dried then reduced to powder, they are incorporated into a mixture of pigments and polyurethane, before being coated on a woven underlayer. This is how apple leather was born: an exemplary outlet for the waste generated in quantity around the fruit industry, recycled instead of being incinerated, and thus limiting the addition of plastic in the final material.

The process, invented by engineer Hannes Parth, is being developed in collaboration with an Italian firm with 40 years of experience in imitation leather. First intended for diary covers (Parth also produces paper with apple cellulose), the AppleSkin is now powerful enough to make fashion accessories and furniture.

“We save these materials from the flames and give them new life,” Hannes explains. “Why burn something if you can reuse it?”

Cosmetics brand Le Rouge Français shows how Apple Skin is made in this video:

2. It is local

The idea, but also the apples, came from a region in the far north of Italy, on the border with Austria, at the heart of a network of more than 7,000 orchards. The famous fruit powder resulting from their industry is then shipped to the Florenze region to be incorporated into the manufacture of neo-leather.

Apple Skin represents a local and relevant response to a waste that was accumulating by tons, but also a virtuous development on the renowned Italian market for skins and imitation leather, towards ever more sustainability. In the future, other regions of the world could be interested in such a process, in order to recover their fruit waste locally in turn.

Manufacturing in Italy guarantees compliance with European environmental standards and local law in favor of workers.

Apple Skin Arsayo bag

3. It is resistant

Tested by us, we were amazed by its strength. After a year, our apple leather prototype, worn daily and spared, it keeps all its outfit and elegance. Even accidental snags remain invisible.
Like all our materials, it is water repellent, light, easy to maintain and can be washed with a damp cloth.
The material is so robust that it has already won over many brands of vegan leather goods and even footwear.

Arsayo bag AppleSkin

4. It is respectful to the animals

We are proud to showcase again an alternative material to animal skins. AppleSkin is guaranteed 100% vegan, allows several types of grain imitating leather to perfection, and an infinity of colors, a whole palette to satisfy our fashion desires.

Remember that imitation leather also has less impact than animal skins on the planet (between 5 and 20 times less polluting).


Apple Skin Arsayo bag Squirrel

5. A futuristic innovation

AppleSkin is in fact a hybrid material. The apple currently represents 20 to 25% of the final material, and must be mixed with polyurethane for a perfectly flexible and resistant result. The underlay consisting of woven cotton and polyester accounts for 45% of the total.

This composition is an encouraging first step, already largely limiting the use of fossil matter by replacing it with a renewable and non-toxic plant source.

Our supplier is already committed to gradually increasing the percentage of fruit, towards a goal of 100%. He also wishes to increase the proportion of recycled fibers, and to incorporate natural pigments. We are working alongside on this promising future, while other initiatives around the world are developing vegan neo-leather based on grapes, mango or cactus.

Arsayo bag apple skin

Our new Mela collection is already available!

With this new apple leather collection, we reaffirm our commitment to responsible fashion. Our bags are always manufactured with the highest standards in our workshop in Portugal, and equipped with an organic cotton lining and guaranteed nickel-free tools.

We offer our famous secure backpack in black, and in 4 exclusive custom colors: dark brown, beige, red bordeaux and blue storm.

A range of timeless colors for a high-end and durable accessory. --> see the collection, here!

Arsayo backpack Apple Skin

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