At last, a vegan alternative to exotic leather!

zoom on the bagpack of Arsayo made with cork to replace the animal leather

Animal rights organizations like PETA have been spotted the abuses in the fashion industry for years, investigating and encouraging alternatives. Here are the main accusations from the exploitation of snakes, crocodiles, or alligators for their skins :

  • cruel slaughter (animals stunned with sticks or hammers, beheaded or skinned alive)
  • unhealthy breeding (overcrowded, without light, dirty water)
  • smuggling and poaching of protected species
  • distant origin, high carbon footprint (South East Asia, Australia, USA, Latin America, Central, and Southern Africa)


In 2013, it is estimated that 1.3 million crocodiles and caimans were victims of the trade of their skins (see the very complete survey by the Swiss association PSA). Even if these animals may not seem "cute" to us, they feel pain and fear just as we do, and have a full place in their respective ecosystems. This happens in the name of luxury!


What if the Fashion industry was respectful of animal life?

More and more people want to know where the products come from, and to refuse cruel or harmful production methods towards humans and the environment. In 2019, 89% of French people declared considering the animal causes as "important".

All over the world, the awareness for sacrificed animals in the name of fashion is evolving, whether they are wild or farmed animals :

  • 2018: Channel stopped to propose reptile skins in its collections.
  • 2019: California prohibited the sale of wild animal fur from 2023.
  • in 2020: The Netherlands prohibited fur farms.
  • 2020: Sandro, Maje, and Claudie Pierlot gave up their uses for exotic skins.

Of course, there are already alternatives such as embossed cows skins (still taken from an animal) or simply synthetic materials to meet the demand for cheap reptile skins. But the good news is that we can do so much better...


The new Arsayo collection meets this demand.

Our new collection of backpacks is made out of cork (tree bark), our favorite material, harvested and shaped in Portugal. A work of embossing, patina, and partial varnish on the material allows a stunning result imitating perfectly the scales. Elegant, and guaranteed 100% vegan, with two versions to choose from, python or crocodile style.

The characteristics of this material are multiple :

  • vegetal material, renewable and respectful to the environment
  • resistant, easy to maintain, light, waterproof
  • cruelty-free
  • lower cost compared to a real skin article
  • valuation of European raw materials 

A new Fashion world is possible!


Should we imitate animal skins?

Are we shocked by a zebra or leopard printing? Or by a pair of faux leather boots? Aren't the children cherishing their faux fur teddy bears?

The beauty of animal skins and furs are finally well accepted in our closets and our fashion desires. Why not just appropriate their magnificence? The demand exists and we can meet it with items that are of perfect quality without harming the animals.


Let's be proud to wear fake skins and furs! :)

Vegan and humane fashion has a bright future ahead and we hope it inspires you as much as we do.

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