In the Heart of Le Marais: Discovering the Arsayo Showroom and Its Unique Creations

Au Cœur du Marais: Découverte du showroom Arsayo et de ses Créations Uniques

In the heart of Le Marais, the iconic district of Paris, lies a showroom like no other: Arsayo.

Address: 7 rue des Gravilliers 75003 Paris

More than just a retail space, Arsayo offers a unique experience to its visitors, combining ethical fashion, innovative design, and ecological commitment. Let's explore together what makes Arsayo, this family business, a must-visit destination for those passionate about responsible fashion.


Arsayo in Le Marais: a strategic location

The choice of Le Marais to establish the Arsayo showroom is not arbitrary. This Parisian district, known for its cultural dynamism and progressive spirit, perfectly reflects the values of the brand. Here, art, fashion, and history intertwine, providing an ideal setting for a brand that advocates innovation and social responsibility.

photo of the Arsayo boutique in Paris


A Firm Commitment to Eco-Responsibility

At Arsayo, ecological commitment is not just a statement; it is a tangible action. The brand uses sustainable and ethical materials, such as vegan fabrics and organic textiles, to create backpacks and accessories that respect the environment. This material choice underscores Arsayo's responsibility towards the planet and animals, while ensuring perfect quality and durability.

Photo of the Arsayo boutique in Paris


The Showroom: a versatile and welcoming space

The Arsayo showroom is not just a sales venue; it is a versatile space where creativity and interaction come together. Customers can discover Arsayo's latest creations and also benefit from personalized after-sales service.

Anaïs Roger: a cornerstone of after-sales service

Anaïs Roger, head of after-sales service, is an essential figure at Arsayo. With her expertise and passion for customer satisfaction, she ensures that every interaction with Arsayo is memorable. Anaïs is the customers' trusted person, guaranteeing that their experience with Arsayo products is always positive and enriching.

Photo of the Arsayo boutique in Paris


Le Marais: a neighborhood in perfect harmony with Arsayo

Le Marais is more than just a location for Arsayo; it is the embodiment of the brand's values. This neighborhood, with its eclectic atmosphere and focus on a sustainable and vegan lifestyle, is the perfect reflection of Arsayo's identity. Boutique visitors can feel this synergy, making their experience at Arsayo even more special.

The Arsayo Showroom in the heart of Le Marais is a must-visit destination for enthusiasts of ethical fashion and innovative design. With its groundbreaking products, commitment to sustainability, and ideal location, Arsayo represents a fresh and exciting vision of fashion accessories. Whether you're looking for a secure backpack, a stylish accessory, or simply a unique shopping experience, Arsayo has something to offer everyone.

If you're in Paris, visit our Arsayo boutique at the following address:

7 rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris

And most importantly, let us know what you think 😉


  • Ary Ohayon - cofondateur Arsayo

    Pour le moment, nous nous focalisons sur des prochains modèles de sacs à dos et accessoires mais nous gardons en tête votre requête pour des ceintures :) Merci !

  • Sans Cathy

    Belle et heureuse nouvelle année à toute la grande famille Arsayo 😇🍀🌸🌺🌻🌼 c’est un plaisir de vous avoir sur mes épaules chaque jour 😂🥰 (et de différentes couleurs suivant mon humeur) 🤗😉

  • Keromen Françoise

    Envisagez vous de faire des ceintures ?

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