Be light!

photo of a woman holding the arsayo bagpack

Only 600 grams is the weight of your Arsayo bag.

The Arsayo bag is immediately recognizable thanks to its unique shape that fits like a jacket and gently hugs your back. The wide straps balances the weight all over your back and shoulders, without any pulling sensation on your neck.

The unajustable straps will give you constant comfort as the backpack is ergonomic. Also, the cork material is naturally ultra-light. And finally, you will pick up the right size (Small / Medium / Large) for adapting the Arsayo bag to all morphologies.



Many of you visited our Parisian boutique looking for a bag that is finally comfortable (what's better than a backpack?) and elegant at the same time. Indeed, according to a 2017 study, 9 out of 10 French persons are dealing with back pain, and physiotherapists often recommend switching shoulder straps, saddlebags and handbags to a symmetrical bag.

Therefore, here is a perfect companion for your personal, professional or student travels but also for teleworking! Laptops, documents, digital tablets are easily stowed in the large compartment, while remaining protected from theft and bad weather.

For bikes, scooters or motorcycles, the Arsayo bag is well adjusted to your body and let you free for any movement.

If you prefer walking or public transportation, the bag remains compact and... secure.

Many of you also suggest to take the Arsayo bag for short hikes as well as for long trips around the world.

The weight of the empty bag is only 600 grams, for the rest, it's up to you ;)

Let's have a look on the capacity of the bag according to your size :

SMALL: the volume is up to 7 liters and can accept a document pouch, a 13 inches laptop or a 1.5 liter bottle.

MEDIUM: the volume is up to 10 liters and can accept a 15 inches laptop.

LARGE: the volume is up to 12 liters and can accept a 17 inches laptop.

VERY IMPORTANT : like a jacket, you have to pick up the right size accordinly to your body (back heght and shoulders lengh)


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