Earth day: our tips to preserve her 🙏

Jour de la Terre : nos conseils pour la préserver 🙏


The origins of this event

World Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970, and is today recognized as the world's most popular environmental event, celebrated by more than 500 million people, in 184 countries.

It was founded by US Senator Gaylord Nelson, who wanted to encourage students to get involved in environmental awareness projects.


The importance of awareness

On March 30, 2005, the first Millennium Ecosystem Assessment was published by Unesco. This first report, which showed the negative impact from the humans on the planet, has kept getting worse. The demands for water, wood, food and energy only further increase our debt to the Earth.

Solutions do exist, however, to prevent disaster and thus protect Earth, animals and people. To honor this dedicated day to our planet, Arsayo would like to give you all tips on how to live better in harmony with our environment, while appreciating its resources!


Our beginners' actions: the hardest part is getting started!

Regarding eco-responsibility, everyone has their own pace! We are aware of this. That’s why we’ve decided to give you tips by level. It's up to you to see what you are ready to accomplish. Every gesture counts.


  1. Delete emails and unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters

Today we are afraid of missing the news or any promotion of the century (or rather the week). This is why we tend to accumulate unnecessary subscriptions, and receive emails that we even no longer open. Unsubscribe! Digital pollution is largely responsible for climate change, and full mailboxes are fueling it. Delete your spam, open emails ... With a few clicks, you will get used to sorting your emails. The planet will thank you!

Delete emails - Earth Day


  1. Stick a "stop pub" on your mailbox

A very simple, but effective gesture. It will reduce your waste production, and reduce the demand for those flyers that no one reads!


Stop pub! - Earth day
  1. Recycle your waste

A quick glance at the label of what we consume, and the reflex to throw in the right trash. Thanks to sites like Siredom no more doubt! You can even print the image on the fridge if in doubt.

Recycle our waste - Earth day


Our intermediate actions: you are on the right track!


  1. Use a gourd and / or charcoal instead of plastic bottles

Plastic represents 73% of waste worldwide. For this figure to drop, we must avoid consuming it as much as possible, because as we know: supply meets demand. Bring a good gourd and tap water, with a charcoal stick to purify it if necessary and thus you will say goodbye to plastic bottles!


Use a gourd - Arsayo earth day
  1. Go for a walk to collect waste

Yes, even if we are making a lot of efforts, our waste is still found far too often in nature or in the street! Taking the time to collect litter on a daily walk means making sure that it does not end up killing an animal, or crossing rivers, seas and oceans!


Collect wast - Arsayo Earth day
  1. Eat in season

Eating seasonal foods is simple and very ecological! This promotes short circuits, so you participate in the economy of your country, and this reduces the transport of these foods, and therefore their CO2 emissions! Also, seasonal foods are not there by accident. They meet the need of the human body. So forget about tomatoes in winter and pumpkins in summer! 

Eat seasonable food - Arsayo earth day


Our actions confirmed: you impress us!


  1. Reduce your consumption of meat and fish

Meat production has serious consequences for climate change, deforestation and the use of water resources. In 2015, livestock were responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions (more than France and the United States combined). For fish, it's the same story. Its daily consumption leads to overexploitation of 90% of underwater species. Replace meat and fish with vegetable protein such as spirulina or soy!


Eat less meat - Arsayo earth day
  1. Stop consuming fast fashion

Even if the communication strategies of these brands tempt us all day long, resisting fast fashion is a significant ecological gesture! Giving priority to ethical and European brands means choosing the well-being of the planet, and your own. To consume a garment that has traveled little, designed with recyclable or recycled and natural materials, even if the price is higher than a product from fast fashion, is to change the way you consume for a future full of hope. , and most benevolent of all: humans, animals, and the planet.


Stop fast fashion - Arsayo Earth day
  1. Use less car as much as possible

Personal motorized transport such as cars or motorcycles pollutes a lot, as the energy used for a single person is disproportionately high. In order to make your journeys while reducing your ecological impact, you can: take public transport, carpool, take a bike, scooter or skate for the more adventurous!

Use less car - Arsayo earth day

And There you go.

We have given you all our secrets to make life easier for all living beings on this planet. Of course, there are hundreds more, but at Arsayo we believe that it is better to go step by step, without making you want to give up. Becoming eco-responsible is a long road, but if we all believe in it together, we can make a difference!



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