Congratulations from the Mayor of Paris and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris

Félicitations de Mme la Maire de Paris et la Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris

We recently had the honor of being part of the Paris Innovation segment. This distinction was hailed by the City of Paris and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, thus recognizing our remarkable efforts in the field of innovation.

Paris Innovation

What is Paris Innovation ?

The Paris Innovation segment is a dynamic ecosystem created to support innovative companies and promote their development. It offers us as entrepreneurs an environment conducive to innovation, by connecting us to a network of experts, mentors and key resources. Being distinguished at the Pôle Paris Innovation represents significant recognition of the potential and added value of our brand.

The reasons for our distinction:

1. Innovation at the heart of our brand: We have established ourselves as a truly innovative brand in the field of fashion. Pushing the boundaries of creativity, we deliver unique and bold designs that capture attention. The closure of our famous Arsayo bag is patented and has received 1 medal from the Ministry of the Interior and 2 gold medals from the Concours Lépine (famous French inventions competition). The secure bag is therefore anti-theft and prevents "pickpockets".

2. Our commitment to sustainability: Sustainability is at the heart of our concerns. We implement responsible practices throughout our supply chain, promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials and reducing our carbon footprint. This strong commitment to sustainability has been highly appreciated by the Pôle Paris Innovation, which values companies with an ecological and social vision.

3. Our customer-centric approach: We are also distinguished by our customer-centric approach. We understand the needs and wants of our customers, and strive to meet them by creating superior quality products. By listening carefully to consumer feedback, we are constantly adapting our collections to offer aesthetic, comfortable and secure bag experiences.

Being congratulated by the Mayor of Paris and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris gives us exceptional visibility. This distinction brings prestigious recognition to our brand, thus reinforcing our credibility and reputation in the market. It also opens up new opportunities for strategic partnerships and facilitates access to additional resources and financing to support our growth.

Photo avec la Mairie de Paris et la CCI Paris
Photo taken during the 2023 Paris fair

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  • Alain

    Pensez-vous faire un jour prochain des chaussures ? 🤔
    Merci d’avance pour votre réponse.

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