How to take care of your Arsayo bag?

bag tag of Arsayo

We know that you love your Arsayo bag that follows you everywhere, on a daily basis.
But do you know how to take care of your favorite backpack?


This material we love, is surprisingly resistant and waterproof. It will naturally wrinkle, soften and gain a patina over time, while remaining solid.

It can be cleaned with a damp cloth supplemented with a little soap.

The dyeing of our cork bags is environmentally friendly. She's gorgeous and long-lasting, but will only appreciate soft products.

Our material does not require any waterproofing or waxing. However, you can try the latter to polish it, re-color it or even give it a shiny appearance. In a natural version, shea butter is also an interesting lead.

Before applying any product on your bag, please do a little test on a hidden area, like into the shoulder strap.

Apple Skin 

This new material is incredibly resistant, and doesn't change, the colours are constant.

Apple Skin doesn't need any care, and you can wash it with water and soap if necessary.

Synthetic material (original collection)

Equally waterproof and resistant, our synthetic material requires zero maintenance. Its material softens slightly with use but will remain uniform. You can also clean it with soapy water.

If by chance, a small tear was made in the material and revealed its white undercoat, there are permanent markers in the corresponding colors, which will make the tear disappear in a bluffing way. Contact us for reference!

Attention, heroes of our time, hydroalcoholic gel is the only known enemy of our bag, even in its synthetic version! Use with care around your bag, as it could discolor it.

If the incident occurs, do not rub, let it dry, then run cleansing milk over the stain to dissolve the gel.

We also recommend that you do not put your Arsayo bags ... in the washing machine!

Cleaning the lining

Turn the liner outward, and scrub with a little water and mild soap, before rinsing and let it dry.

The Arsyo tools (snaps and zippers)

We do our best to offer you the Arsayo bag in aesthetic and high-performance materials, by constantly monitoring new ecological and vegan materials.

We also opt for the best qualities of tools (snaps, zippers, metal rings ...). If, however, you lose or damage a part, contact us to find a solution together. We also repair tired seams or zips, when possible.

Customer service always at your service!

For any question relating to the maintenance of your bag, a doubt, a request for a spare part, a repair, a cleaning tip: feel free to contact us!

We are listening to you and we'll help you to make your bag live as long as he can.