Love on all levels: Arsayo's Valentine's Day message

Arsayo et l'amour !

Rooted in the philosophy of Michel Ohayon (founder of the brand), "All that matters is LOVE", Arsayo embodies this ethos in everything we do. This Valentine's Day, we not only celebrate love between individuals but we extend it to our planet and all its inhabitants.

Love for the Planet: Sustainable and Eco-responsible

Our Commitment to the Earth

Our eco-responsible approach is present in our choice of materials, by favoring innovative and organic fabrics, we make a conscious effort to reduce our environmental footprint. Valentine's Day is not only about expressing love for each other but also for the world we live in. We believe in reducing our environmental impact, reflecting our love and respect for the planet. By choosing Arsayo this Valentine's Day, you are joining a movement that cherishes and protects our earth.

Love for Humanity: Ethical Work and Education

Fair Labor Practices

Our commitment to humanity is demonstrated in our adherence to fair labor practices. We ensure that every individual in our supply chain is treated with respect, embodying the true spirit of love and compassion.

To learn more about our new workshop in Poland, click here!

ARSAYO - I made your bag

Ary Ohayon: Educating the Next Generation

Ary Ohayon, co-founder and son of Michel, takes this message to the next level by speaking at fashion schools. It raises awareness about the impact of fashion on the world and how vegan, ethical and sustainable practices can help heal our planet. His speeches inspire the next generation of designers to embrace and champion responsible fashion.

Love for Animals: Cruelty Free and Vegan

A 100% Vegan Company

Our love for animals is unwavering, as evidenced by our commitment to being a 100% vegan company. We believe fashion should be cruelty-free.

F.A.K.E. Movement by Jonathan Ohayon

Jonathan et Ary - F.A.K.E. Movement

Jonathan Ohayon, co-founder and other son of Michel, created the F.A.K.E. Movement (Fashion for Animal Kingdom and Environment), aiming to support and promote vegan and ethical fashion. This initiative brings together like-minded brands and consumers, creating a community dedicated to compassionate fashion choices.

To learn more about the F.A.K.E. Movement: click here!

Ary Ohayon Animal Sanctuary: A Testimony of Compassion

Photo d'Ary et Chew au sanctuaire du château

At the heart of Arsayo’s ethos of love and compassion is a remarkable testament to this commitment – an animal sanctuary, led with passion by Ary Ohayon. This sanctuary serves as a haven for animals destined for slaughter, giving them a new chance at life. Ary's deep compassion extends beyond the realm of fashion and business, directly into the lives of these animals, providing them with safety, care and a loving home. This sanctuary is not only a refuge for animals but also a symbol of hope and a living example of Arsayo's commitment to love in all its forms. It reflects the deep belief that every creature deserves a chance in life and is an integral part of our mission to spread love and kindness in the world. Through this sanctuary, Ary and Arsayo demonstrate that love can create meaningful change and that every act of compassion, large or small, contributes to a more loving world.

To find out more about the Castle Sanctuary: visit the Instagram page, here!

Love for Our Customers: Listening and Care

Michel et Anaïs à la boutique Arsayo à Paris 75003

Michel (fondateur) et Anaïs (responsable de la boutique Arsayo à Paris 03

A Relationship Based on Trust and Respect

At Arsayo, our relationship with our customers is based on trust, respect and, above all, love. We listen and value feedback from our community, ensuring we continually meet and exceed their expectations. Our customers are at the heart of our journey, and their support fuels our passion.

A Valentine's Day with a Purpose

Tout c'qui compte, c'est l'amour

This Valentine's Day, Arsayo invites you to celebrate love in its most inclusive and compassionate form. By supporting the Arsayo family business, you are not only embracing a stylish and practical accessory but also becoming part of a movement that values love for the planet, humanity and all living beings. Let's spread love, Arsayo's way, and make a difference in the world, one ethical and sustainable choice at a time.

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