The Lépine Contest rewards the new Nomade backpack

Le Concours Lépine récompense le nouveau sac à dos Nomade

Arsayo and the Lépine competition, it's a long story since 2016! Indeed, this mythical event has brought us luck since our beginnings, with already 3 medals, rewarding our Original backpack. For the launch of our new bag, Le Nomade, we wanted to renew the experience at the Concours Lépine, 2022. An incredible opportunity to meet the visitors of the Foire de Paris who made the success of our Original bag and present our novelty, exclusively.

Famille Arsayo

The Lépine Contest : a family story

As you know, our values are based on a strong family history. It is with these values that we decided to compete in 2016 for the first time in the Concours Lépine.

Michel Ohayon explains why:
“Participating in the Lépine competition brings worldwide recognition and credibility”

For ARSAYO, the Lépine (for those close to you) is also a big family that we enjoy meeting at each edition. This year had a very different flavor after two years of absence. We were happy to meet you again to always offer you the Original collection and to present you a preview of our new Nomade collection.

This Le Lépine family is above all the will of the organization team, under the supervision of another family: Mrs and Mr Dorey (link). Then there are the participants and other medal winners of the Competition, who have a stand at the Foire de Paris and come back regularly. We all share a lot during the 12 days that the Foire de Paris lasts. We've been seeing some of them since 2016, so imagine everything we had to say to each other this year! We think especially of our friends Jean-Louis and Cathy Orengo, creators of the Georgette.

But above all, what we like at the Foire de Paris is to find YOU, with your Arsayo bag on your back, sharing your satisfaction with the other visitors to the stand. You are the best ! It is to thank you for your loyalty and your enthusiasm that we wanted to present you exclusively the little new one from the Arsayo family: the Nomad backpack!

This new backpack is also yours, designed to listen to you.

Le sac nomade

What's new?

Yes, we have listened to you! Indeed, at each meeting, in store or on social networks, you make us suggestions, sometimes unusual, and often relevant. Note that the design of the bag is registered with the INPI, it is a prerequisite for participation in the Lépine Competition. We think long and hard before making any changes.

We designed the Nomade according to your requests: a larger bag, with storage for a laptop, and adjustable straps to adapt to all faces. The perfect (and unisex!) partner to accompany you in your professional life and on your travels. "Nomad" because it will follow you in all your adventures 😊

Always for your safety, the Nomade retains the snap button closure in the back: you are protected from pick-pockets. For the design, we keep this refined shape recognizable among all, as well as the rounded straps which perfectly fit the shape of the body, for your comfort. It is always waterproof, resistant and easy to clean.


Le sac Nomade

News awarded !

Once again, we are writing the history of Arsayo with the Concours Lépine. The awards ceremony took place on Sunday, May 8. We were feverishly awaiting the results, then the announcement fell Le Nomade is a bronze medalist this year!

Médaille de bronze

This new medal is added to a superb record, which makes us proud. Indeed, the Arsayo Original bag is already 3 distinctions at the Lépine competition:

  • A gold medal at the European competition in Strasbourg in 2016
  • A medal from the Ministry of the Interior, again in 2016
  • A new gold medal in 2018, at the Lépine Méditerranée competition

During the awards ceremony we encouraged our comrades a lot and here are our favorites this year:

  • Le Grand Bicoupe: an all-metal pizza AND pie cutter, 100% made in France. In the shape of a big bi (the bike), the saddle is a bottle opener and when you turn it upside down, it doesn't dirty the table. 
  • Caps Me: student engineers and entrepreneurs have thought about a more ecological and economical way to use Nespresso brand pods. The pod is metallic, washable with a compostable corn fiber cover. It is placed in a coffee dispenser, whose system, created by the team, distributes the exact dose of coffee without getting it everywhere. 
  • Natuco: Felicia and Jérémy offer you a very stylish and very practical composter while feeding a plant (clever).

After all these great discoveries, we wish long life to these new inventions and all the participants of the Lépine Contest, as well as to the Nomade! We hope you like it!
Icing on the cake: Arsayo was filmed by the teams of the program Sept à Huit for TF1, a report to be found on June 26, 2022. 

Sept à huit Life sur TF1

Link to the replay, here !

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