New Arsayo collection, a new direction

photo of the black arsayo bagpack

The new Arsayo bag is in 100% natural cork and organic cotton, made in Portugal in our factory, discover the 5 colors of the new collection. Design, comfort, safety always, but also ethics and quality!

Arsayo exists since 2016, year in which the bag Arsayo took off, thanks to this gold medal received in the Lépine contest. Our trendy, comfortable and anti theft backpack has seduced you. Thanks to our customers, we have been able to make evolutions to the brand, the Arsayo bag itself.

But then, what changes?

Specifically, the concept of Arsayo backpack does not change, always 3 sizes and several colors, the wide and solid straps for maximum comfort, the drop shape for a perfect balance, the secure closure to keep safe all your precious objects.

What changes is the manufacturing, the materials and the quality of the confection.

Why this change?

Today, our values ​​are changing with our time. One of the main values ​​present since the beginning : the cruelty free materials of our bag. This value grows others, if we fight against animal cruelty on a daily basis, it is above all because we think that it is unfair and useless to make animals suffer for our consumption, but a second value emerges naturally, the protection of the environment.

Produce better

We have therefore changed all our production in order to minimize our carbon footprint.

The Arsayo bag is made, since January 2019 in Europe, Portugal. By reducing distances, we try to minimize the transport of goods. Greenhouse gas emissions from transportation represent a very important part of the pollution produced by the manufacture in the world, so our collaboration with our factory in China, although successful, has ended.

Produce less

The manufacturing industry is also responsible for pollution. We believe that fashion and ready-to-wear giants who launch 8 to 10 different collections each year are partly responsible for that. We produce less because we think of quality and sustainability first and foremost.

For the respect of workers and their health

Our close partnership with our new Portuguese factory allows us a perfect traceability, our frequent visits allow to follow the production step by step. The quality control of the production is also important to us, to provide you with a perfectly made backpack. The health and well-being of employees is respected and for us it is essential. We are soon taking part in Fashion Revolution Week, which commemorates each year the collapse of Rana plaza in Bangladesh, the building that housed several garment workshops working for various international brands of clothing. Fast fashion and aggressive globalization have caused this tragic event, so it is imperative to make and think fashion differently.

Soon, we will reveal more images of our factory, in the meantime, follow the hashtags on social media : #whomademyclothes and #imadeyourclothes.

For a highly positive natural alternative

Cork is natural, soft, lightweight, washable, waterproof and more resistant than leather or polyurethane. In addition, it is a real asset for the ecosystem. A Portuguese proverb says "who thinks of his grandchildren plant a cork oak." The cork oaks forests have between 130 and 150 different plants, 24 species of reptiles and amphibians, 160 species of cork oak. 37 birds and mammals. Planting and maintaining a cork oak tree is a barrier to desertification because it helps maintain the natural cycle of water and carbon. In fact, cork oaks absorb a lot of CO2, two to three times more than other trees. It is a material with high environmental value. Its exploitation also allows the creation of employment in the Mediterranean regions. To find out more, visit our explanatory page about all the materials we use.

All of these changes have only one purpose, to promote a positive way of consumption and to truly apply our ethics to our company and our product.

We live in a world where programmed obsolescence has become the norm, where advertising drives us to buy products that are bad for the planet and sentient beings, and that we do not need. Buy less but buy better. Ethical fashion is a trend that has been growing in recent years. This year saw the first-ever Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles, an event we co-hosted. It seems important to us to show that another fashion is possible. During the various shows, the creators presented pieces entirely made from recycled materials, without any animal products. The purpose was to raise questions, to awaken consciousness, we achieved that goal because the press of the whole world wrote about the event.

We are committed to find the most ethical materials to provide you a beautiful, comfortable, anti-theft, long-lasting Arsayo bag that does not destroy the environment.

5 beautiful colors will be available today on our site: see the cork bag Arsayo.

Indulge in its lightness, silky feel, and unique style. Do not hesitate to react to this new collection on our social media, we are impatient to know what you think!

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