Our invention worth GOLD!

photo of the french Lepine reward that arsayo won in 2016

Sunday, October 14, 2018, we received a second reward: the Gold Medal at the Mediterranean Lépine contest. 

We were already lucky to have won the Gold Medal at the Lépine National Contest in 2016. This helped the brand to make the secure closure system of the Arsayo backpack famous.

We never dared to hope to win at the first time, but then a second!

We designed the bag around three qualities that are essential: design, comfort and security. For the first two, we worked with experts so that the bag is very beautiful.

Customers often tell us that they wear a backpack because it's convenient. The design criteria is often relegated to the background. We wanted the bag to have style, that its shape fits all outfits. That's why we offer a wide range of colors.

In terms of comfort, there are several options in the market, but none offers straps designed in one piece as it is the case for our creation. The bag slips on like a vest so it doesn’t move when it’s on your back. Whatever activity you do during the day, it’s ideal for cycling, motorcycling, skateboarding or scooter riding.

The choice fell on three sizes: Small, Medium and Large, so that the weight and dimensions of the straps adapt to all morphologies. We are currently working on a complete guide to help you choose your size, available on our site in a few weeks.

When it comes to safety, it is with the family, collectively, around a traditional lunch that we imagined the secure closure that currently exists on all our backpacks.

It is almost on a corner of the tablecloth that the idea was born.

Everything started from a discussion around these questions :

  • Have you ever been afraid that someone will open your bag on public transport?
  • Have you ever placed your most precious items rolled into a ball at the bottom of your bag in case a pickpocket can not open it?
  • Have you ever considered putting anything worthless in your backpack, and the rest in your pockets?
  • Have you ever checked 5 times that all your belongings were still in your possession during a subway trip?

So you are like us, like all of us in reality.

Because, when we hear this announcement :

"Beware, pickpockets may be present on board, we invite you to pay attention to your personal belongings"

We can’t help it! We make a slight movement of approaching our bag towards us.

And we are right to be careful.

That's why when we created this bag, we wanted to find a truly ingenious system. A system that allows you to have peace of mind when traveling in the city.

Once the drawings were made, we had the prototyping done to find the perfect model.

We show you how this secure closure works :

Both tabs can be attached at the back of the bag. The back is the side that is against the upper back, once it’s on your shoulders..

Thanks to the two press-buttons (snaps), the two tabs are well maintained and the opening is impossible, since your back forms a protection which make it impossible to detach the pressures from the outside.

You can hang them parallel or crosswise. It's up to you..

Practical, isn't it?


Our secure closure system pattern has been registered at the official Worldwide institutions and the organizers of the Paris Fair invited us to participate in the Lépine Contest in 2016.

And the surprise was not long to pop up. We received our first gold medal!

Since then we have won several distinctions such as the Ministry of the Interior Award, and the first prize at the Amazon Campus Challenge.

The Lépine contest exists at national and European level, and it is the first time that it is organized in Montpellier. So we went to the southern France this weekend for the Occitan edition. We took the opportunity to walk the aisles and discover other inventions and meet other inventors who made the winners of this year. We will keep our friends Jean-Louis and Cathy de la Georgette, a series of innovative cutlery and So Beach, a bag / beach towel very practical..

Then the moment of the announcement of the winners has arrived, so we win Gold for the second time! 

Soon, on our website you will find even more technical and practical information about the Arsayo backpack.

A bit of patience !

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  • Le Goff

    Très bon sac. Mais dommage que la croûte de cuir s’en aille autour de la fermeture et un peu partout

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