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Our district


Today, we wanted to introduce you to our neighborhood, the history and atmosphere that surround our boutique, at 7 rue des Gravilliers, in the 3rd "arrondissement" in Paris.

We love to welcome you any time over the year to present our collections to you.

Our boutique is also our HQ. This is where we store the bags, prepare your orders, and where our Arsayo family meets to work on their future projects ...

It is nestled in the heart of a historic and picturesque district of Paris, undergoing rapid change. We really wanted to show it to you. Get ready for the visit!


The "Haut Marais", a bit of History


Somewhere between Beaubourg, the Place de la République and the Conservatory of Arts and Crafts is the “Haut Marais” (yes, it was really swampy it seems ...). Its small narrow streets and mansions remind us that this is one of the oldest districts of the capital. Our street were drawn at the beginning of the 13th century, developing around the priory of Saint Martin des Champs (yes, you have to imagine an agricultural area ...).

We find them on this map dating from around 1550, where we could almost recognize our building.

A few centeries earlier...


The leather goods district and its curiosities

very nice picture :)

Long run by Jewish artisans, the garment workshops were taken over in the 1970s by a Chinese community from the Wenzhou region. The district is notorious for its leather goods, and the manufacturing eventually gives way to the wholesale trade of goods, directly imported from China.

Rue au Maire, a small cobbled pedestrian street resembling a small Chinatown, is full of restaurants and mini markets in the same community.

Other curiosities:

  • Just next door, at 3 rue Volta, one of the oldest houses in Paris has a soup restaurant on the ground floor, Pho
  • But also the house of the alchemist Nicolas Flamel, at 51 rue de Montmorency, officially the oldest in the capital still on its feet
  • Rue du Temple, known for its wholesalers in jewelry, stones and fittings, and its watchmakers
  • The tiny passage of Gravilliers, its art galleries and hanging houses
  • But also the passage of L’Ancre, out of time
  • The archives garden, so peaceful
  • The grand Hôtel d'Estrées, 69 rue des Gravilliers, enter, it's also a bar and a restaurant!

Changing neighborhood life


The times are changing. The wholesalers are gradually abandoning the rue des Gravilliers to establish themselves in larger areas on the outskirts of Paris. Instead, art galleries, restaurants and designer stalls flourish. Our boutique has long been a bag wholesale business. Thus we are perpetuating a certain tradition by offering our super secure backpacks.

There is always something new or a detail to discover here. So, when do you come to visit us and stroll in the Haut Marais?

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