Arsayo and the AVF: a partnership for a better lifestyle

Logo AVF - Association Végétarienne de France
More and more people are turning to lifestyle choices that respect the environment and animals. It is with this in mind that Arsayo chose to partner with the AVF to promote a way of life more respectful of the planet and its inhabitants.

Who is the AVF?

The AVF (Association Végétarienne de France) is a non-profit organization that promotes vegetarianism and veganism in France. Its mission is to raise awareness of the benefits of plant-based food, both for health and for the environment and animals. It provides resources, advice and information to help anyone who wants to plant-based their diet.

The shared values of Arsayo and the AVF

The partnership between Arsayo and the AVF is based on deep shared values. Both share a commitment to:

  • Respect for animal life: Arsayo, as a vegan leather goods brand, does not use any material of animal origin in its products. The AVF works to protect animals by promoting a cruelty-free diet.


  • Environmental sustainability: Arsayo strives to minimize its environmental footprint by using environmentally friendly materials and producing increasingly locally. The AVF highlights the environmental benefits of vegetarianism and veganism, which reduce pressure on natural resources.


  • Health and Well-being: Both organizations encourage healthy lifestyle choices. Arsayo offers quality products that support a more planet-friendly lifestyle, while AVF offers information for a balanced diet beneficial to health, without animal products.

Ary Ohayon, one of the founders of Arsayo, is closely linked to the AVF through his commitment to the animal cause. He founded an animal sanctuary and regularly participates in actions organized by the AVF.

This partnership concretizes our conviction that all stakeholders, companies and NGOs alike, must promote together the values that are important to them: this is how we can build the conditions for a better world for all. At Arsayo, we take pride not only in what we make, but also in the values we put into practice.

Join us in this adventure towards a more ethical, more sustainable and fairer way of life!

AVF website:

Site to try a more “plant-based” lifestyle:

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