Towards a more unisex fashion

Vers une mode plus unisexe

Fashion is a very old concept that has been created back to the 19th century. Indeed, it was at this time that the Franco-British designer Charles Frederick Worth was the first to present his creations during a parade. From that moment on, fashion never stopped evolving, becoming a popular trend, and sometimes even an instrument of expression, especially for women.

It was in 1920 that manners changed for women's fashion, giving women more possibilities: pants, suits ... Putting too tight skirts and dresses that were much prettier than practical in the closet. This was the beginning of more unisex fashion. However, even if women and men dress more and more similarly, today stores still have very distinct men's and women's departments, which do not all offer equality in their offer: less choices, or even higher prices... We have all, at one time or another, felt left out when entering a store.

At Arsayo, we want everyone to be treated the same, and in the best possible way! So we decided to break the rules of the fashion world, and offer the same backpack for everyone. We propose a single bag that combines design, comfort and security for all. It seems important to us to no longer segment fashion, and to be objective in our creation to offer you a quality product!

You will tell us: "Ok but a woman and a man have different bodies! Men have wider shoulders! Women are often shorter!"

That is why the Arsayo backpacks are available in several sizes (Small, Medium and Large).


Arsayo backpack sizes


A guide (with a chart size) is available on the product page of our site to help you choose the size of your Arsayo bag. And of course, if necessary, you can exchange your bag for another size.

At Arsayo, Fashion is unisex. This is also why we always want to present each color of the backpack worn by a man and a woman. No color should be gendered!

In our family, our motto is "All that matters is love". As long as you like what you wear, your style and your image, we love it!


And if you like to talk about inclusiveness and equality, we invite you to read our article on feminism!

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