" If we can find a way to secure the closure of the bag, this will be the invention of the year! "

Michel Ohayon, Arsayo co founder, during a family lunch,  2016

From dream to reality...

The secure closing system has been many times awarded in France and the Arsayo bag is now a celebrity.

We won the French Ministry of the Interior medal  and 2 Gold medals from the very famous French competition "Concours Lépine" in 2016 and 2018 !

Thanks to a very simple system, the Arsayo bags are perfectly secured.

Once you wear it, it is impossible to open it or to get access to your precious belongings !

How does it work ?

The two snaps are positioned behind the backpack.

Behind the backpack : it means the side that is against your back when you wear it.
Thanks to the two snaps, the two tabs are well maintained and it is impossible to remove them.

You can snap them in parallel or in a crossing way..