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Founded in 2016, Arsayo is an innovative and a flourishing French family company.

Following 30 years of experiences in the fashion and bags world, the founder Michel Ohayon created one product (the Arsayo bag) presented in different sizes and colors.

With a Parisian inspiration touch, the Arsayo bag is a city backpack that gathers Design, Comfort and Security.

After being rewarded with the French Republic Ministry of the Interior medal and the Double GOLD medal from the "Concours Lépine" competition for the copyrighted invention on the secure closure, Arsayo is getting an increasingly big popularity and international development.

The ARSAYO bag is a unisex city backpack that can be used anytime. In 3 different sizes, the ARSAYO bag will fit everybody.

The ARSAYO bag is carried like a vest. Thanks to its large straps and its particular adjusted shape, the weight is perfectly distributed all over the back.

The tongues of the 2 front zippers go behind the back of the ARSAYO bag in order to feel anyone who would try to open it during the carrying. With the invention on the secured closing system, the company won the Ministry of the Interior Medal and the « Lépine » competition double GOLD Medal.

Arsayo awards

French Republic Ministry
of the Interior Medal

European Lépine Competition double Gold Medal


Our company being concerned about ethics and environmental issues, the ARSAYO bags do not present any animal matter. The synthetic bags are made out of PU (Polyurethane) that has exactly the same leather appearance and touch. The cork collection proposes a vegetal solution with the highest quality.

New article ! New cork collection : Arsayo's new edge !

The new Arsayo bag is in 100% natural cork and organic cotton, made in Portugal in our factory, discover the 5 colors of the new collection. Design, comfort, safety always, but also ethics and quality

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