Why made in Europe ?

Pourquoi fabriquer en Europe ?

At Arsayo, we are transparent. And today we want to tell you more about our commitments, our background and our ambitions!

2021 was a turning point for our brand. Indeed, this year allowed us to put an end to our old and very first collection made in China, and thus to change our production method.

Why China? Michel Ohayon, the founder of Arsayo, had worked for more than 25 years with a Franco-Chinese producer in the world of leather goods. This relationship led us to choose China as the first manufacturing country. However, to get an Arsayo Original bag, it had to spend a whole month in cargo on the oceans before joining the Paris boutique...

The desire to produce more locally was therefore part of the brand's natural evolution for us. This is why, thanks to your enthusiasm and thanks to our motivation to develop a 100% eco-responsible backpack, we were able to invest in another type of production, other materials and therefore a different result, still vegan but more local!

From now on, our new collection of backpacks are made in Portugal, and especifically in Porto. Our raw material is cork, which is also Portuguese and harvested barely an hour from our workshop! Why cork? This material is very qualitative, and very resistant, perfect for our backpacks.

Our workshop is artisanal and family-run. The employees work on cutting, sewing, assembling and checking the quality of the bags. Even if this aspect is obvious, it seems important to us to remind that the working conditions of our colleagues are in conformity with the European labor rights.


Arsayo design

The advantages of this production, for you:

  • Participate to the economy of European countries
  • Consume a product that pollutes less, because it does not travel all around the world to be manufactured.
  • To have a quality product, manufactured in good conditions, respectful to the humans, the animals and the planet!
  • Participate to a more local and more ethical consumption.


The advantages of this production, for us:

  • Make Arsayo a brand that responds to the personal values of its founders
  • Work in the same country where the raw materials are coming from.
  • Pollute less by producing more locally


You will understand, producing more locally is an advantage for you and for us! In the future, Arsayo would like to produce even more locally. Made in France is an objective for the brand. However, producing French is more expensive! But this is the party taken by nearly 60% of French people, for whom the country of manufacture is important when they buy a product. Consume less but better, it is now a democratized mentality, and more accepted!


If you want to know more about our workshop in Portugal, discover the video virtual visit, here!


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