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photo of a woman holding the arsayo bagpack
The Arsayo bag is immediately recognizable by its unique shape that fits you like a jacket and hugs your shoulders like a vest. The wide straps balances the weight on your back and shoulders...
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bag tag of Arsayo
We know that you love your Arsayo bag that follows you everywhere, on a daily basis. But do you know how to take care of your favorite backpack? Cork This material we love, is surprisingly resistant and waterproof. It will...
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photo of the front of the arsayo parisian boutique

Today, we wanted to introduce you to our neighborhood, the history and atmosphere that surround our boutique, at 7 rue des Gravilliers, in the 3rd "arrondissement" in Paris.

We love to welcome you any time over the year to present our collections to you.

Our boutique is also our HQ. This is where we store the bags, prepare your orders, and where our Arsayo family meets to work on their future projects ...

It is nestled in the heart of a historic and picturesque district of Paris, undergoing rapid change. We really wanted to show it to you. Get ready for the visit!

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F.A.K.E. Movement logo
The F.A.K.E. Movement (Fashion for Animal Kingdom and Environment) is a solidarity movement created in May 2019 by Jonathan Ohayon, Arasayo's co-founder. Its goal is to promote brands that respect humans, the environment and the animals. It offers several kinds of events,...
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Sanctuaire du château - Chew et Ary
"The animal righs cause is our fuel" Ary Ohayon, co founder Arsayo, created his sanctuary for the victims of the meat and the Fashion industries. A sanctuary, what is it ? Quite simply, a place for animals who have survived...
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